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Better anvils: suggestion


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I have been thinking. (I think much)

When the fireworks were introduced, they HAD to be made with crafting tables

So I thought: why not use anvils instead?

My ideas

Firework: firework stars can be combined with dye, gunpowder and special effects. Then it must be combined W with a rocket. For fading colors, add dye to the rocket, not the star

Armor: leather armor can be dyed in anvils EDIT: dying in anvils seems unnatural. This feature will be taken away :/

Mob spawners(creative only): mob spawner+spawn egg/entity/potion. Iron blocks, dragon eggs, snow blocks, nether stars and Wither skulls for other mobs and bosses. Fireworks are available, too.

Spawn eggs: mobs can get positive potion effects/give players negative effects. Spider egg and skelly egg can create jockey egg, which are compatible with spawners

Potions: combining two potions will give multiple potion effects. Combining with weapons and armor gives: weapons=negative, armor=positive

Heads: type in playername to change head to this persons head.

Bedrock + potion of invicibility = invisible bedrock :)

More ideas to come?

What do you think? Please comment :D

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