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[BigDig Server 1.2.2][Acadia Craft][20-Slots][Essentials][Worldedit]


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This is a free build survival server. Slot changed from 50-20 because it was causing some lag...

Banned Items: Nukes,TNT

Worlds Banned: Nether (Cause too much lag don't know if the end is removed or not we will have a nether shop for all your nether needs But might add in nether in the future once the main world is rendered)

Remove Mods (That cause lag): Dungeon Pack, Dimensional doors, Mystic craft

IP: sorry but this server is now whitelisted only for friends i cant handle 30+ people complaing about the lag.


Plugins: PEX, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, CommunityBridge, Essentials, ModifyWorld, iConomy (Our Currency is know as Zinc (Dollars) and Unix (Coins)), ChestShop

Website: acadia.thewebgamer.net (Yes we have our own website, Sign up to keep up to date with updates!)


[1] Be respectful

[2] No asking for Op, Staff or Items!

[3] No Swearing

[4] No Stealing/Griefing

[5] No Spamming

[6] No Advertising

[7] Have Fun!

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