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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if someone could help me. I have run servers before from Vanilla Minecraft all the way to Tekkit and VOLTZ. Never had an issue.

I have recently started a Big Dig Server and I cannot find the plugins folder to add my additional MODs like:- Simplewarps, Worldedit and MobileAdmin.

Can someone please tell me how I get these added.


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Generally the mods will give you instructions on how to install them so pay attention to their instructions. However, neither Tekkit nor Big Dig are based on Bukkit which is what provided the plugins folder. They are all now based on Forgecraft which has a mods folder and generally the same jar/zip you would use for single player is used for multiplayer. Just drop the jar/zip into the mods folder on both server and client and you are good to go.

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