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Here's a bit of info regarding launching missiles:

Missiles have different effects seeing as how they're loaded with different payloads (explosives). A missile must be launched from a launcher. The higher tier the launcher, the more accurate will be. A control panel is required to make the missile launcher work, and the higher the tier of the panel, the more options you will have (tier one gives you the basic X and Z coordinate input for determining where the missile will go, tier 2 gives you the option of a detonation height, and tier three gives you these two things plus a frequency setting). There are also special blocks called support frames which further increase the accuracy of all missiles fired out of its launcher.

Control panels are placed in the front of the launcher, and support frames are placed directly behind the launcher. Missile platforms need power, and power is supplied to them through the control panel by a wire leading from the control panel's side to a battery box, power cube, or some sort of generator (coal generator, solar panel, fission reactor, fusion reactor, ect). A missile platform won't fire until it is properly powered.

Control panels, missile launchers, and support frames are individual items and are built one at time (they are not constructed as the result of a single recipe, and require different crafting items to produce).

To load a missile platform, right click on the launcher itself (not the control panel or the support frame). You will get an interface image with a slot near the top-center of the image for loading the missile into place, and your inventory will open up showing you everything you're carrying. You can load the launcher by putting a missile in your inventory into the slot in the same way you would store it in a chest (in other words, click on the image of the missile in your inventory to pick it up, move it over to the slot in the launcher's interface, and then click on the empty slot to deposit the missile in the launcher).

Missiles need to have coordinates put into them from the control panel in the form of X and Z coordinates. A radar gun can be made in order to find them and quickly input them into the control panel, or the coordinates can be manually entered in.

To use the radar gun:

1: construct the radar gun (use the item crafting recipe, which can be found using way too many items or by looking it up on the Voltz wiki).

2: charge the radar gun from a charged power cube/battery box

3: point the radar gun at the location where you want the missile to land and right click. This will store the coordinates in the radar gun.

4: go back to your missiles platform and right-click on its control panel while holding the radar gun. This will automatically transfer the X and Z coordinates from the gun into the platform.

To set the coordinates manually:

1: find out the X and Z coordinates of the location you want the missile to land in. This can be done via Rei's Mini Map (the small map that appears at the top-right corner of your screen in Voltz). Below the map image, you find a set of coordinates, namely X, Y, and Z. Walk to where you want the missile to land and either write down or memorize the coordinates.

2: with the coordinates written down, head back to your missile launcher and right-click on the control panel. The user interface (or UI) will open and you'll have an option to enter the two sets of coordinates.

3: enter the X and Z coordinates into their appropriate locations. DO NOT MIX THEM UP, or your missile will veer drastically off course.

Once you have the coordinates in your launcher and a missile loaded inside, you will need a redstone input to the launcher to fire the missile. The best way to do this is to put a lever right next to the control panel of your launcher, and then activate it to fire off the missile.

It's not much information, and certainly not a complete guide to Voltz, but I hope it does help.

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