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More Mobs?

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One think Tekkit Lite is really missing is more mobs. I believe the old Technic pack (single player) had a bunch of additional mobs.

Any chance we will see anything like this in the future. Alternatively, are there any mods out there that add new mods, but also integrate well into Tekkit Lite?

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Mo creatures was in technic, a long time ago. Sadly we do not have permissions for it, i believe.

A philosophy I do not understand. You'd think modders would want people to use their mods. Therefore by default give permission to include in mod packs.

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This mod is the fruit of countless hours of work and effort. You download it for free as it is and I am not responsible for any damage done to your saved games. This mod can not be distributed in any other way than through this thread. You don't have the permission to distribute this mod through 'mod packages', installers or pluggins. A multiplayer pluggin is allowed as long as it requires you to download the unmodified single player mod to work. An installer can not host this mod, it must redirect the user to this thread. You can't modify or redistribute my mod without my written permission. Copyright © 2011 DrZhark.

The only package that can currently distribute this mod is the YogBox. Please do not PM or email me asking me for permission to add my mod to your modpack, the answer is 'No'

Yep, here is his disclaimer. How lame. TBH, this guy sounds like that jerk that made the Forestry mod.

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