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World corrupted already?


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Ok, its only a test world to mess around in, so its no biggy.

Also, I didnt copy the log, if anyone knows where to find it, Ill happily post it.

I was messing with galacticraft and tried to power three fuel loaders with 3 redstone conduits and a redstone energy cell. Minecraft crashed and it said something about not attaching redstone to things with multiple hitboxes?

Now that world crashes a few seconds after loading.

I made a new world and powered the loaders with magmatics with no trouble. I just thought I'd mention the problem in case it was an issue that needed dealt with.

If someone lets me know where to find the log, Ill post it if it helps.

Note to others, dont power fuel loaders with redstone conduits for the time being. Unless someone points out that I am a fool and did something stupid lol :)

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