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No mobs spawning

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I have noticed this also, my theory is that the additional dungeon mod is making tons of spawners around the world under you - those huge multi-floor dungeons it makes come to mind - and these are spawning mobs you can't see until reaching saturation for the loaded chunks. In areas where we mined and explore a lot and broke many of these I saw the spawn rate go back more towards normal, but still did seem low. That's just a theory tho, for all I know there's a config turning them down somewhere.

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The server I am on had this problem twice, both times it was the dimensional doors mod apparently. If you go through a door and fall into Limbo, there is some trigger that makes it so mobs wont spawn in the area you are in, but it unfortunately triggers it for the entire world, not just limbo.

had it happen to us twice, the admin took out the dimensional doors mod and so far we have not had the problem anymore.

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