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tekkit server Forge microblock issue please help

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so im running a server and whenever i try to use a crescent hammer on the Redstone energy conduits my server freaks out and kicks me. the GIU for said server then pops up the error message "[SEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] A critical server error occured handling a packet, kicking 235

java.lang.RuntimeException: MicroblockSupporterTransformer cannot be used on blocks with multiple selection boxes. Offending block was thermalexpansion.block.conduit.BlockConduit@4157f6d1 at ID 916. subHit value was 4"

does anyone know of a fix for this? if so please help me this issues renders most TE functions useless

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Same issue on our server, are you using MCPC?

our technical expert contacted the modders in IRC, we are going to try replacing the immibus core mod that is affected with a different version, I'll let you know how it goes

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so after some serious digging by our tech expert here's the scoop:

redstone conduits don't work properly with immibus microblocks, when you try to place them, especially vertically they crash the client

the work around for the time being is to edit the immibus microblocks config - find the entry for redstone energy conduits and minus sign it out along with the next couple of entries (energy packet and liquid transfer?)

good luck

this will make it so you can place redstone energy conduits but you won't be able to hide them inside microblock walls

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