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Eximite Disabled


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After I beat the ender dragon I went around collecting ore, but couldn't find any eximite; turns out it was disabled in metallurgy's config files. Is there any particular reason for it to be disabled, or was that just an oversight?

Edit: Also Desichalkos was disabled as well.

Edit 2: Nevermind, figured out that nether metals was only installed for the meutoite; still, I'm going to try to fiddle around with the config files so that meutoite spawns in the overworld and end and eximite only in the end.

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I was wondering about this! Seems pointless to have EE3's minim stone and the meutoite both able to make ender pearls, in fact, given how useless it is it ends up being like getting concentrated iron (8 meutonite bar -> 4 Ender Pearls -> 16 iron with minim stone). Because there's not enough fricking iron in Big Dig obviously :-). I was excited to read about the Eximite but then disappointed I couldn't find any, I suspected it was a config issue, thanks for confirming that.

Is there a reason for this config, or is it just an oversight? It seems the Metalurgy mod armors are in Big Dig mostly for cosmetic reasons, after all, the Power Armour / Quantum Armour outranks all of them by a lot basically. But I do love running a trade-o-mat store for noobs, selling super fancy-looking armor would be more fun than selling steel. Is the high "enchantability" of eximite / desichalkos a factor, perhaps conflicts with Craft and Enchant mod?

At least the bricks made from meutoite are fancy looking.

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I don't think it's an oversight, just a design decision.

I haven't tried for a couple of days (started playing tekkit instead), but I wasn't able to find a way to get the different ores to spawn in different dimensions like I wanted to. I ended up just restricting Meutoite to The End.

Long story short, 'Enchantability' allows for a higher probability of getting better enchantments (i.e. Slot IV, Sharpness IV, etc.). Desichalkos has an enchantability of 30, whereas diamond only has an enchantability of 10. Also a Desichalkos sword does just as much, if not more, damage than a diamond one, and has a higher durability. A fully enchanted sword would put the nano saber to shame, plus I like that it's rare and in limited quantities. And the armor just looks kickass.

A full list of metallurgy stuff:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApPr023YHYR0dEQ1X2JNOHgteUFRRGtFMlo0ZUQxN2c#gid=0 , though how accurate it is, I couldn't say.

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