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Unusually high network usage


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I'm hosting the recent Tekkit update for some friends - who started to complain about lag after around 20 minutes. After checking the network meter on my server machine I noticed it was uploading at 400kb/s average and it was choking the connection to the machine until everyone eventually timed out. When I log in to Tekkit the network meter spikes up from anywhere between 150 and 200kb/s and will carry on until I either time out or log out. This is with only 1 player so when my friends join it gets a lot worse.

I figured this was just the server sending the chunks to everyone when they log in. After around 30 minutes of sitting still and all the chunks appear to be loaded, the server is still sending out 150-200kb/s for what seems to be nothing really.

There is next to nothing in our world as we just started recently. I have tried turning off mobs and generating a new world but the "problem" still persists. I wasn't able to find anything related to this in the forum or anywhere on Google that could help. I would like to know if this is normal behavior from the Tekkit server as I don't remember the previous server being this network heavy.


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We're having a similar type problem with lag issues.

Our server machine is

Windows Web Server 2008 R2

8 Core 3.20 GHz

16 GB Memory

Bandwidth of 75Mb Upload 100Mb Download

Minecraft information

Minecraft 1.5.1

Several mods.

What we noted so far is that a vanilla build of Minecraft 1.5.1 takes forever for the loader to launch. We noted the same client side issues on every tekkit build that we have compiled with this version of minecraft. We are still isolating some of the mods.

We are currently investigating modular power suits (modularpowersuits-0.6.0-444). So many forums to read regarding mod interactions.

Also we are checking the java version updates on our server and client side.

** Possibly more to follow

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JUST as I suspected! Galacticraft has a lot of performance issues running older versions of java and you need to upgrade your server to java 1.7_21- you're currently running on 1.7_13. I'm not saying that will solve all your problems! But we need to address that before we can do serious performance testing.

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For the client launch, it could be related to scala support or something MPS is doing, I know one user reported that their client launch times increased dramatically when they fixed a problem that prevented scala (and therefore Modular Powersuits) from being added. Regardless, a lot of modders are looking at working in scala and I really don't think it's going anywhere.

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I've also updated java on the server and my machine, the problem seems to be partially fixed. It seems that the network drops down to 2-5kb/s when I am surrounded by already generated chunks and only uses around 50-80 when sending them to the client. However when I get into an area (or simply look in it's general direction) that hasn't yet been generated then the network spikes back to 150+ and the chunk never seems to load until I'm on top of it.

Thanks for the lightning quick reply :) I can play like this for now.

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