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[0.6.5]Antebellum[PvP][Factions][Raid][NoGrief][20 Slots]


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Antebellum is a friendly community, that have now been around for a month, and we wanna give people a last chance to join our community before we whitelist the server.

We are PvP focused but yet friendly.

We have around 30 Unique players who is very active and about 178 Unique accounts have been on during this first month.

We Like raiding but we hate when people greif our bases, therefor we have installed Factions but we aren't using a Econ. plugins because we rather trade materials.

Dimensional doors has been removed. (Might change in the future)

We have been forced to Limit following items:

  • All explosives that bypasses protection.
  • Canvas bags, because you can duplicate with it.
  • Mining lasers, Bypasses Area protection
  • Personal safes, we dont see them fit our pvp community

But if you obtain Veteran rank then you have access to all these except for canvas bags and personal safes

Address : ante-bellum.net

Please read rules before joining:

  • No Griefing, if you have to bypass any form of protection then its greifing
  • Don't Form faction homes anywhere else but nether or overworld.
  • Don't intentionally cause lag to server or other players.
  • Don't obstructing players from entering their faction claimed land
  • Do not excessively spam Mystcraft ages.
  • Do not use any kinds of hack or other modifications that gain you an advantage over other players
  • Do not argue with admin and mods, if you have a problem with an admin, file a complaint at [email protected]
  • Do not ask for Items from admin and furthermore do not beg other players for items
  • Do ask how to obtain admin or mod, you will be contact if we see you fix for this.

Server is Located in Germany, but we have players from US and Australia and they dont have too much lag.

I do not claim that this server is lag free, but it's mostly lagfree.

Server is going whitelist soon

Hope to see you all in game

- *signature stolen by Signature Gnomes*

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