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Symtoms of a lack of available memory

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Hey all,

New server owner here so please bare with me...

I am wondering what the symptoms are of a lack of server memory. I have players reporting that they are unable to open doors and break blocks and getting kicked out of the server randomly. I run a small server with a fairly limited amt of ram. I am aware that tekkit is quite the memory hog but i wanted to check with the experienced peeps before i just upped the ram allocation.



edit: laptop keyboard, forgive poor spelling. lol

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I ran the new tekkit on a server with 8gb of dedicated memory and playing with only two people on the server I was still getting reports of massive delays. This was hosted on a 12Mb/s connection stored on a raid10 volume. I hosted Tekkit classic for 10x as many players and experienced very little lag. I believe that the lag is an inefficiency with dimensions but i'm not exactly sure what causes it, as other computers and servers seem to run fine. May be something going on with the Java builds that cause issues. I'll play around with it some more and will let you know.

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