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Let's Play New Tekkit (May 2013) for Minecraft 1.5.1- Alsara Chronicles

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Hello Everyone so I saw the a new version of Tekkit came out last weekend, and yesterday I downloaded it and decided to make a Let's Play Series. So here it is , what I am calling the Alsara Chronicles.

Link is Below

Let's Play Tekkit (May 2013) Alsara Chronicles - Episode 001 A Brave New World [Minecraft 1.5.1]

>>--Episode List--<<

Alsara Chronicles Episode 001 "A Brave New World" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 002 "Piggies on Ice" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 003 "Where the Diamonds at?" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 004 "That's Not Chocolate" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 005 "Today is not a Fine Day" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 006 "The Chocolate Dance" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 007 "Torch City" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 008 "Power Hungry" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 009 "May Talk Delusional" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 010 "Suing Myself" >>

Alsara Chronicles Episode 011 "Solution Unneeded" >>

Please feel free to leave a comment on the video to let me know what you want to see more of.

About me:

I am a girl in her early 20s , I grew up playing video games. I was playing video games before I even knew how to read and I would have to call my mom up to my room to read any text on the screen to me. I am an avid lover of Trance music , I got into trance music back in early 2007 and have been hooked ever since. I have DJed on various well known radio stations like DI.fm , ETN.fm and Afterhours.fm.

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Episode 005 - Today is not a Fine Day

So April builds a portal to the nether and she quickly discovers that today is not a fine day despite the fact she listened to Kirsty Hawkshaw's Track Fine Day especially when you fall in the lava twice. After that we finally are able to make Redstone Energy Conduits.

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Episode 008: Power Hungry

Hello Everyone I know it's been a while , but I have a new episode of Alsara Chronicles.

We use some explosives to clear some land to put up our new building, and I go out looking for flowers to make red dye. I have to refuel my engines in the basement about 3 or 4 times in this episode.

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