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  1. oh man, that is a bummer! Is it possibel that some kind person out in this world would have a copy of one of your older versions? If you are anything like me then when something like that happens after so much work, i probably would be working towards buying a new computer/laptop and maybe even repairing some walls from throwing said PC into it. Hope you can find it somewhere!
  2. how close is this to being released? it sounds like a pretty awesome map!
  3. That is very nice! would be awesome to have a survival world map something like this but make it alot smaller with hidden trasured on each island. along with how good the treasure is would be on how many/powerful mob spawners would be.
  4. IGN: buckshotz Age: 28 Experience with Hexxit: about a week How long you have been playing for: around a year What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): I respect everyone on the server and I am also pretty good at helping new ppl learn things Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I respect everyone! *I tried to join the server a couple times. i am connecting perfectly fine. but, i am not able to do anything at all on the server. Even when i walk outside of the protected spawn area I can only walk around and explore! Looking forward to getting in on this new modpack on this server! Edit: ** Problems fixed, thanks a bunch! I recommend this server guys! it is great! the ppl are great. it is VERY well managed, they have an awesome group of admins! kudos to all the admins and owners for creating such a great place to play with an awesome and friendly environment!
  5. Yea, thanks for the tip. Ive not played the new modpack since it came out, but I couldnt seem to get it to make the handle, n i couldnt find anything on the web so I gave up on it!
  6. I just dont get it! I know we can make regular pickaxes but I was trying to do the stuff that it describes in the books given at spawn and i get as far as the handle on a pickaxe and i cant get any further! I know its probably something extremely simple but im just use to normal MC, and tekkit ! This has potential to be awesome!
  7. This keeps crashing on me with a server I am playing on. Im pretty sure that the same thing isnt happening to everyone else. anyone have any idea what it might be that is the problem? could possibly be a problem with the server. http://pastebin.com/SuhLUiin
  8. In-Game Name : buckshotz Age and Global Location? 28 - Kentucky Have you ever been banned before? Nope Why do you play SMP? Because i enjoy working for things in a game and actually ttrying to survive while at it. You know this is a member application right? Yes, a member application for a clan?? How long have you been playing Minecraft? over a year How did you find us? Technic forums What's your favorite color? Blue, Kentucky Blue! Will you please make an account on our Website? I will Anything else you want to add? I am a very respectful player. griefing is stupid and pointless IMO. i believe those who grief were either not whipped enough as a child or are just really that bored and may not have a life, and they may MC too much! No offense to anyone!
  9. I used an anchor, I went into creative bc i got flustered after 2 hours of running to and from the nether and tried to sit an actual chunk loader down but it wouldnt let me. may be my noobness of not knowing how to sit one lol
  10. Well, I have/had everything setup exactly as the pictures show and i went through step by step very maticulously last night making sure everything was ok. I know i did everything right. but it just wasnt pumping lava from the nether
  11. Is http://bdcraft.net/patches-list?page=1 the page you downloaded the patches from? I noticed that some of the textures havent been updated accordingly to the previous versions of the mods!
  12. The only problem ive seen with the bdcraft texturepack patched is that 32 and above the powersuits textures are very bad. im a fast learner and just learned about patching the packs a day ago so im probably missing a few things. wish I knew how to update the texture packs bc id do it for personal use! and ive not found a fully working texture pack for the new tekkit yet. the lowest res bdcraft texture does show the textures I have noticed but its not as pretty as the higher ones.
  13. I was watching those last night. very good stuff! I am learning my way around in the new tekkit. Learning Thermal Expansion really isnt that hard its actually a very simple mod. I am having alot of fun diving into the seperate mods at a time! doing it that way is by far the easiest and best way to do things! I wonder if anyone out there has a complete walkthrough of each mod?
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