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Tekkit Survival V1


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Hello, everyone.

Today I started up a new map, and noticed that it started me up on a pretty cool island, so I decided to try my hand at a survival map.

This map is not by any stretch of the imagination hard, but there are a few hidden things that are not at all obvious.

Sorry for the crap description and such, but this is my first map, so it's not going to be great...


Sorry about the waypoints, never removed them from my old world...





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Keep up this good work, this could turn out amazing, and for the people who are complaining that this is tekkit, just select tekkit in the launcher.

That's not how it works... The folders are from a server and thusly can only be used on a server since it says "world_nether, world_end, world".

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Make it Technic if you can, most people use that and we can't use this.

there's a difference between tekkit and technic. tekkit is easier to learn than technic, because technic has BC3 instead of BC2, and technic has thaumcraft (which sort of forces you into using it at times) and then there's mystcraft. tekkit is a lot easier to make a map with, so most people use it for maps. it's still a great ssp modpack, and a lot better for teh noobs.

anyways, I made a download that is both a zip and usable in SSP/SMP.


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