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  1. uh my username is hiako1234 and my friend's is FunnelCake4 were both appaerntly banned and ive nevery benn on before
  2. also what do you count as duplicating like condensers or glitches
  3. i think i might get on seems interesting ill try it (hopefully there are no spawn killers when i get on)
  4. is this ment for the latest version of tekkit?
  5. i think it would be cool if someone made a realistic texture pack to use thats not sphax(wich im not dissing) if you could can you let me know or if you find one :)
  6. this may be only my opinoin but amco plaeys dont care that much about ftb or tekkit (i play all 3 plus vanilla minecraft) and the ftb "mod" its not a mod its a mod pack witch means many mods ee 3 will eventually surpas ee 2 but that probaly wont be until minecraft 1.5 or 1.6 and thats probaly goin to be in 2013 so just wait for the new things that ee 3 will bring but it probaly wont be anything like ee2 today you should also remeber that ftb has been around for a long time (not as long as technic or amco though)i would also love to go threw all the faults of your statement but im in a hurry to finish building multiple keeps (each one involse a diffrent modpack) so this is me signing off good day
  7. i have a few challenges for ya for 1.build a advanced railcraft system that goes from your home to your mine to you portla to you testing area or whatever you build 2. build a nucleorier reactor 560 blocks away from your mine 3. make quantum armour for you and your friends 4. terraform the nether to be a forest and the end to be a desert 5.find out the recipe of the nuke and blow up a creeper with it 6.take a 29 minute brake while finding the end 7.finish everything in the ee mod than give it to thr ocean 8. using pumps make 100x100 area of the ocean lower to the ground 9.take another 29 miute brake 10. blow up your home and start cimpletly new (using the same world).
  8. why not do what hack/mine did and make another area for it in the launcher?
  9. everbody loved jebb when he first came in to the picture as a developer
  10. i think this is a bug when i tried to insert the white alchamic bag nothing else would go in and a bunch of explosions happend i can try re downloading the world but...
  11. I can't wait for this texture pack looks good cant wait to try it out
  12. actor or extra, reasons:1. Im fast with learning scripts 2. It will be good for me to try a show with someone (i dont care if im an extra) and finally 3.i think that it would be a good experiance with the viewers (even though i have lisp meaning i dont sound as correct as i could doe to me having an overbite)