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I am new to Tekkit, I'm used to play Voltz but as I saw that Tekkit got a new update I got it right away, now I have no idea what each of the mods do, so I want to ask if anyone can please make a tutorial videos on Tekkit, like what each mod does, and, if someone can add some of the Voltz mods to the new Tekkit.

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1. It is funner to figure it out yourself

2. I am pretty sure the mods used have a wiki, or atleast a thread explaining what it does

3. Dont sign your post.


2.Where do I find these


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Mystcraft's Descriptive Book recipe doesn't work. Does it work for anybody else?

I think you are used to an older version of mystcraft, look up the mod page for full instructions:


There isn't a recipe for a descriptive book anymore, you use a writing desk to write pages, place them in a book binder together with at least one pice of leather and you will be able to bind a descriptive book.

For easier page handling, take a empty note book and place it on the right side of the writing desk in the upper left box, now you can write several pages at once. After yu have all you pages you want, take the note book out and right klick to order the page as you want. After that you can open the Book Binder interface, take you filled note book and klickwith it where the pages go, they will be placed there in the same order as they where in the note book (the note book will be empty and ready to be used again after this) :-)

Oh and a note of warning, linking books can be crafted by crafting a single book by it's self, however it will always link to the current dimension you are in. So, never forgot to take one with you as it's also no longer possible to build nether portals in any pocket dimension or mystcraft age. (and some worlds won't have everything you need to start age hopping to search for a star fissure).

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