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Voltz + Essentials Sign problem


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I've already made a ticket on essentials website, but no respond.

I currently came by a problem with the essentials that i can't make signs. Have in mind i already enabled the signs through the essentials config.yml file, but it seems that when i try to make a buy or sell sign or anyother sign, and it shows itself like this.






If anyone know how to fix this problem, please tell me how, It would help me alot.

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I have the following signs set up in essentials like so:


- color

- balance

- buy

- sell

- trade

#- free

- disposal

- warp

#- kit

#- mail

#- enchant

#- gamemode

#- heal

#- info

#- spawnmob

#- repair

- time

- weather

As normal remove the hash tag to enable the signs you want players to use.

Then make sure that each permission group you want to be able to access the sign has the appropriate essentials permission node like this essentials.signs.use.<signname>

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