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Cannot upgrade server/client to 1.5.1

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Buddy just downloaded Tekkit Lite, and its running version 1.5.1. Was getting outdated server error. No matter what I do I cannot upgrade my Tekkit server or client from 1.4.7 to 1.5.1. Deleted everything on computer related to minecraft, still no dice. Cannot shake 1.4.7.

Any ideas/help would be appreciated!

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I think you're missing the difference between Tekkit, and Tekkit Lite.

Tekkit, the new version, is for 1.5.1. It can be found here:


Tekkit Lite, a slightly older mod, uses 1.4.7. But, using the launcher, none of this matters, as you do not use Minecraft out of the box for either. You just use the Technic Pack launcher.

Tekkit Lite can be found here:


The launcher download is on this page:


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