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Do i need to get a server? And if so how?

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Hi, my friends and I are having a lot of fun messing with Tekkit but the server is just being run of my home PC i5 chip 8 gig ram and the server is being run of the SSD hard disk. At the moment were all hanging around the same chunk and nothing complex has been done. In early versions of Tekkit server if someone ran off too far they got lag. There boomarang wouldnt fly, mobs woudl stand still and kill them etc. Im wondering if it would be worth while to get a paid for server. Having never had one before im not sure what i should be looking for or who would be reputable to go with. Id be grateful if anyone could point me either at a good guide for getting and running a server on something thats not my PC. And to also recomend what size of server to get for 4 players in the full Tekkit mod pack, also im based in the UK so a Europe based server host may be better, but i could be wrong.

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Tekkit can be quite a hog on resources, for a few friends, you really want to be looking at about 512mb ram or better.

There are at most two at a time on my 512mb server, and once a quarry or two are going, and people are exploring, the lag can get tiresome. I would recomend nitrous networks servers. They arent the best or cheapest, but they have good customer service, fast and reliable tech help and one click server installation. No need to be a computer genius to keep things running smoothly :)

Im UK as well btw.

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