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Galacticraft question


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Has no one been to the moon on a multiplayer server?

Sure have !

It's just that the question you presented was not strictly about traveling to the moon..

On my server we've got a designated area for launches, on both ends actually,

so haven't really tested launching from various locations, and when landing I tend to navigate my moonlander slightly anyway..

Since nobody's posted an answer to the location question I'm guessing most people eighter use launchsites, or simply haven't tested random launches,

so why not be the one to test it yourself? ^^

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I did a little test. my overworld launch site is in a village i took over. previous inhabitants vanished somehow... launched from +231, +166. landed at those same coordinates. found another village on the moon that was struck by the same event as my overworld village... strange. launched at coordinates -411, +160 on the Moon and landed at those same coordinates on the overworld. Not sure if you guys tried it yet but I thought I would share my discovery.

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