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Lag problems!


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I have recently downloaded and tried creating my own tekkit server to play with my friends. The one problem is it lags tremendously! I got from 150fps on normal MC to 10 on Tekkit.I have allocated more RAM on the technic launcher but when I try to allocate more RAM to the server it stays strictly at 1Gb of RAM. Is there anyone out there who can help me over come this problem?

Thanks to anyone who can offer help :)

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- Assuming you are running a 64bit version of Windows, you need to install the 64 bit version of the latest Java 7

- Make sure you have edited your launcher.bat file to bump up the allocated memory (the -Xmx... portion)

- Make sure you are using Tekkit 1.0.6

- If you are running this on Windows, and playing on the same machine as the server, anything less than 8G of physical ram and you are going to have a rough time (2G for server, 2G for client, 2G for Windows)

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