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Cooling at Overworld doesn't work when I am at Nether?


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Okay, so I hate posting stuffs but I really cant find the answer around (imagine how many irrelevant things come out when you search about water and nether).

I host a server myself with LAN and play with close friends. We have quarry built and stuffs with combustion that needs to be cooled, and it always works fine. Our last system lasted about 12 hours without problem. Then I traveled to Nether and when I come back (maybe 30 minutes), all the combustion engines exploded. This is probably the first time I go into Nether on this map for more than 10 minutes.

So...what went wrong when I am in Nether (and no one is in overworld, I was the only one online at that time)? Water not regenerating? Pumpers not working? Cooling not working?

Please help!

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Combustion Engines are bound to explode sooner or later, no matter how well-cooled they are.

Put some chunk loaders down next to the Combustion Engines and cooling system and see if that helps. If not, use Magmatic Engines.

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Check out this vid

The set up they use has a sequencer which alternates between banks of engines. This could be easily adapted to run two engines alternately. I think they recommend running each one for no more than six minutes to prevent overheating. I have a similar set up and it works perfectly. Skip to about 1 min 50 sec for the good stuff.

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