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Backpack dupe!


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yeah, this dupes been around for ages, and it was a known bug when the backpack mod was chosen to add into the new tekkit. Hopefully an easier fix that removing it will be found before long

The dupe is fixed in the next version, but that is for mc 1.5.2

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Yea, I did some research on the mod, and it fixed on the NEXT VERSION! =.= why didnt they make it v1.5.1.. LOL

Becouse 1.5.2 is the latest and bugfixed ^^ they dont care about modpacks as Tekkit, just for latest Minecraft.

I have thoughts about doin an own modpack with the latest mods for 1.5.2 with the mods thats in Tekkit.

If i want to transfer my world to that, just copy paste?

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