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[solved]Installing optifine results in grey screen?


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  • I downloaded and installed optifine HD U D2 1.5.2 from http://optifine.net/downloads.php
  • I used winrar to move the files to bin\modpack.jar so that it appears as:
  • I deleted the META INF folder
  • I started Big Dig via the technicpack launcher and I get this grey screen:

The grey screen lasts forever. It doesn't appear when I use the original modpack.jar

Does anyone know what's wrong?

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Does anyone know what's wrong?

Derp. The fact that you're using a 1.5.2 mod might be what's wrong. See this thread.

Next time you have a problem, try searching around and seeing if other people are having the same problem/trying to do the same thing as you. Usually helps

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