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[1.0.6] TekkitWarfare [64gb Ram] [NO Leaf Decay] [Dedicated] [PVP/Raid] [Giants] [Economy] [MCMMO]


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IP: Tekkit.UnitedWarfare.net

Website: http://unitedwarfare.net

We are currently rank #10 on tekkitserverlist!!!!

More To Come Soon! This is the Beta Launch and a lot needs to be done and will be in the very near future!

Linking Books are enabled so you can access space stations easier aswell as making raiding spacestation easier!


[1] No Hacking

[2] No Xray

[3] No Spamming

[4] PVP ON

[5] No tekkit or minecraft bug abuse

Disabled - Due to Lag issues


Dimentional Doors







This server is a PVP server. In The Future we will be adding A LOT more including donator and long term member benifits :)

64gb 3.4 ghz Octo Core processor w/1gbps connection line on a dedicated

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I'm not sure if my computer is just being stupid or what, but I can't connect to your server. I was able to once but then it started telling me that it can't resolve host name. I've tried copy pasting I've tried Typing it myself. I just isn't working out. Also the link to your home page isn't working for me either.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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