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  1. Hey ysharma I can't really figure this one.I can't get on the server. Keep getting "Failed to verify username![internal error java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code:503 for URL:http://session.minecraft.net/game/checkserver.jsp?user=cuoconnell&serverId=-7a8ceedf540d5bf2134a678cdb3ec7ea0f8aea5c]"
  2. Age: 20 Country and Time Zone: PST IGN: cuoconnell Tell us a bit about yourself and what your hobbies are: I'm cuoconnell. I currently work as a houseman which is essentially a housekeeper. I keep the housekeepers carts stocked and attend to random chores that pop up through out the day. I enjoy my work though its very tiring. I have a flex schedule and my next 2 off times include friday and saturday. When I come home I usually just fall asleep but lately I've been gaining enough stamina to not sleep for 13 hours a day after work. Before I used to be a shut-in paranoid and a little spiteful, got tired of that and became a little outgoing. Mods you are proficient in: Due to the new version of minecraft and my large break from the industrial mods I'm no longer proficient in many. I was familiarizing myself with the new mystcraft a little earlier, and I'm decent with ars magica. I may not be entirely decent with any mods at this moment but I am a fast learner. I hope any smaller companies looking for new hires won't mind my green status. Please treat me kindly in my learning phase. After that theirs no excuse for my ineptitude. Who is one of your biggest role models: I don't really have a role model these days as I've grown. What have they taught you: what my past models did teach me whilst I was growing was that everyone wears a mask Why do you want to join this server: I'm seeking a server with a large amount mods, this one according to the main menu has 222. I'm also looking for a tight knit community unafraid of strangers and even willing to indoctrinate them. Given this is a team based war server making friends(and frie-nemies) shouldn't be too hard as long as you come across straight as an arrow, an open book, and totally not sketchy. Not many servers have made the tough(?) jump into 1.6.4 and probably for awhile many won't. This server also appears to not be going any soon and I feel secure in a place not aiming to be more donator aligned. Why should we let you join this server: My past with with previous servers has been completely clean of bans other than one black mark on my record. If you really need to know I can inform you more about it but its of little consequence in the first place. I have an unfortunately short attention span and have been looking for a sever that could tie me down a bit. Industrial War almost did but having come in on something in which every was already done I just didn't feel the drive to strive for more. I am fairly loyal, not a greifer, and a piss poor hacker (can barely get a hello world to function). Coincidences tend not to follow in my footsteps and I'm a fairly passive guy in my workplace. I smile, wave, give off the proper one word for the time of day and a nod to the people I pass by. I might add some interesting talk in your chat window. It's always good to let in a fresh breeze every now and again. Where did you hear about us: I heard about you guys from the remains of the Industrial War forum on this site
  3. Hi, I'd like to give your server a try if you'll have me. My ign is cuoconnell. My age is 20 and my timezone is pacific standard time (-8 GMT). One reason I'd like to join your server is cause I'm a former member of the Industrial War server. Previous players from there could say I left in a rather unkind way as I sort of just disappeared one day. I'd like to apologize and it was fairly mean of me to leave especially since it's now shutting or has been shut down. I hope that in this new start I'll find ways to keep interest in this server; the modlist certainly looks promising and I am fond of team warfare. Skills I can bring to the server are a well rounded knowledge of the mods in the pack, and I'm very steadfast, willful, and determined in performing actions that hold my interest. I am more of an early stage gamer than a late one as I prefer building and supplying to fighting, dieing, and restarting. Factories have always held my interest and while I could never build one on the scale that red team had in IW I'm not incapable of creating smaller scale factories. ign:cuoconnell age:20 timezone:-8GMT Looking for:Friends, Comrades, Teammates
  4. This server/modpack is great fun! The map is is four days old, the population of active users is super low, and the world gen is relatively untouched (I've been touching it all by my lonesome these past few days =/). Plenty to look around for with ars magica and mine fantasy. Wild caves makes mining more interesting, too. It'll be a little challenging at start due to a few vanilla recipes being changed but its nothing to complicated (copper to mine iron, instead of stone ;D). There are even a few mods that you don't see much of in other modpacks (necromancy, the camping mod, ancient warfare). I'd suggest joining right away before I find all the goodies!!!
  5. Mensrea those are some pretty sexy pictures. I'd just like to add that Blue team has just finished an extension on their Militia base so we've been getting quite a few new players to join the player base lately. There's still room for a lot more. Since I've been promoted to commander we have commanders on almost twenty four seven now who are looking to ad you to their team. Also due to the risk of a hate storm if there was a global chat you have to /msg (user) (message) someone to help get you started. Just to clear up the thought that everyone is ignoring you as you shout to the heavens for someone to add you to a team.
  6. This server is totally worth the trouble of trying to get on. Have only played for a day, but the balancing is perfect. The right amount of difficulty and ease has been provided in this mod pack. Also the server's theme is pretty neat and well handled. I've been on other team based war servers and they all fell to ruin from ignored rules. Here everyone I've met has been following them to the letter.
  7. Tekkit opening to a white screen is a memory issue. Have you checked the increase perma gen size box? its found in the menu accessed by clicking the gear in the top right of the launcher. You'll also need to allot at least 2gb of ram.
  8. Title: Tekkit Not Downloading Version: 1.06 OS: Windows 7 Ultimate service pack 1 Java Version: Java update 17 64-bit Description of Problem: Tekkit won't download past GregsLighting 1.8.1-7.jar... Tried again and again. Restarted computer. Tried on a different computer. Tried downloading that specific one. (doesn't exist as far as pages 1-5 of Google are concerned) This is for Tekkit 1.06 tried from tekkit 1.02 and it got stuck on galaticcraft. Atempted at 1.5 stopped on gregslighting. Your bug reporter doesnt have all versions of tekkit Error Messages: N/A Error Log:
  9. I too am now having this issue when I tried reinstalling the client today. For some reason the pack couldn't find the tekkit pack initially. Upon Reinstalling it now freezes when it gets to gregs lighting at 1%
  10. How do I make money on this server? Its a pretty nice server just needs a little maintenance. Almost looks like its fallen under a little neglect.
  11. I'm not sure if my computer is just being stupid or what, but I can't connect to your server. I was able to once but then it started telling me that it can't resolve host name. I've tried copy pasting I've tried Typing it myself. I just isn't working out. Also the link to your home page isn't working for me either.
  12. Cuoconnell 19 North Western Hemisphere California, United States of America Have you ever been banned before? No Why do you play SMP? So that I feel there is a point in playing Minecraft You know this is a member application right? Yes How long have you been playing Minecraft? 3 years How did you find us? The tekkit server forum What's your favorite color? Black Will you please make an account on our Website? If I have too... Anything else you want to add? I hope you'll view me as a fine member of your community.
  13. These is a pretty beast server. The fact that the owner went to the trouble of editing the protections to include the tekkit items is something many of the servers I played on have yet to do. That really pushes this server above and beyond. If you're reading these cause you're on the fence think about how many times you wished you could have a mining laser or tunnel bore just to say you've done it or cause you wanted it. Now you can!!!
  14. Really hope you can pull through, even though I've only played a total of maybe 30 minutes the fresh new world was rather nice...
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