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SkyLands (Custom generated)


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After some intens research I've tried over 3 days to understand how terraincontrol works, And I assume I've finaly did it! After the world was generated there was only one isle whereafter I generated another one and combined them togheter to get a nice result wich is displayed below:

Hope you guys like it!

(This map isn't for download as it is property of TAC- The Ancient Creators (Server) )


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That is very nice! would be awesome to have a survival world map something like this but make it alot smaller with hidden trasured on each island. along with how good the treasure is would be on how many/powerful mob spawners would be.

Well, we already have a custom build survival world, even nicer and better then this one, at the moment we were too buizzy to continue developping this server, but i'm getting in the mood again, I'll probobaly finish up the last things after my vacation. I'm hoping for about 10 people online constantly, simply because tekkit classic isnt crowded anymore. Quite a shame, developping over a year. More frustrating is that It could have only took a month but with every single good idea we came up with we delayed the launch resulting into perfection.

But what does perfection means for something if barely someone uses it?

So, I'm hoping for a small community. The most problematic thing of our server is that people will need to understand and see it's potention rater then logging in, taking a quick look and logg off again. Simply because we have over 100 artish creations scatered around the worlds being secrets or monuments.

The perfect setup if there only were more players because between the 100 there is atleast one curious enough to furder explore the gameplay we created. My opinion as co-builder of this server is that this server isnt what servers stand for. The gameplay, even with 5 people around reminds me of the gameplay of runescape or guildwars for example.

But back to the creation... Believe it or not, this was the most simple creation we ever made, put some data into a generator and let it work out itself.

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