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How to fix Broken sound.


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If your sound doesn't play at all when you launch, here's how to fix:

1) Close Minecraft (of course.)

2) Go to lwjgl.org

3) click the top link and get the zip labeled lwjgl x.x.x .zip

4) open the zip file

5) drag lzma.jar into the bin folder of tekkitmain

6) relaunch

This should work.

if your sound is still broken, then I don't know how to fix it. This should work though

enjoy :P

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Updating LWJGL probably won't help. OpenAL? Maybe, but not LWJGL. What probably happened here is this:

Minecraft downloads its sounds while you play. A fresh installation will probably not have sound for about 5 minutes. This has misled quite a few people (Including me, when my internet connection was very, very slow).

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