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[3.1.2] Imperium craft [Mcmmo] [PvP][open] [40 slot][Arena] [Faction,LWC,Custom Plugin] No griefing


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We would like to apologize for the down time, we switch up from a normal

server to a Mcmmo game style server since everyone is running the same

"style" server!


about us:

Imperium craft is a new server owned by 2 mature owner, who are dedicated to their server. The staff are waiting for you! We started with the name

Escape land which was a auto-ranking based server like many tekkit server

but we wanted something different and stand out from the growd, so we

made some changes and now we back up running!

about the server:

As you join the server, you'll will need to pass a portal, which lead into the capital,

which is a no-PVP area, there you can find shop, quest and a big battle arena. You can battle in thy arena against other player and win prize!!

Every player start with a balance of 30$ in game money, you can earn more

money by playing, voting for our server. You can also trade for coins or by getting a higher rank. You can buy, sell or trade in every town market. There is also a

mine storage and a lumber storage were you can sell your ressources.

We have a level system that allow player to increase levels and abilities for

carrying out minecraft basic task. There are a few banned items, which

will provide a better experience of playing tekkit!

Please take note that we are still working on town/quest!



  • friendly and mature staff
  • 99% uptime
  • strict no grief policy
  • PvP world with free PvP city!
  • mining world
  • Donor world
  • and a lots more!


  • No AFK skipping
  • Respect everyone as you would in real life
  • No excessive swearing
  • No griefing, stealing or hacking will result in a ban
  • PvP is allowed, spawn killing is not allowed however


  • Faction
  • Essentials
  • LWC
  • Hawkeye
  • Multi-verse
  • PermissionsEx
  • Arena

Banned items:

  • red matter furnace
  • nove cataclysm
  • nuke
  • tnt cart
  • evertide amulet
  • volcantie amulet
  • ring of ignition
  • watch of flowing time
  • zero ring
  • mercurial eye
  • mind stone
  • void ring
  • item/power/fluid tp pipe
  • black hole band
  • world anchor
  • dimensional anchor
  • rm infernal armour set
  • ring of arcana
  • teleporter
  • teleport tether
  • cannon
  • all forcefield items
  • auto crafting benches
  • project table
  • ender chest
  • triangulator
  • wireless transmitter
  • destruction catalyst
  • quarry
  • tunnel bore
  • catalytic lens
  • hyperkinetic lens
  • cc mining turtles

we hope to see you soon!

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