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  1. I can't seem to connect to the sever o.o? Comes up as "sever down"
  2. IGN: Axlenex AGE: 17 US OR UK: US AGREE TO THE RULES? Yes MICROPHONE Y/N: Yes, but not a very good one
  3. *IGN: Axlenex *age:17(18 in 3 months ) *Location:California, US *MC/Tekkit Experience: I have 3 years of experience under my belt, although i have stopped playing the last couple of months, and I'm still remembering my redstone creations, I am very experienced *I have never been banned because I haven't really played on much servers. Mostly private ones with my local friends -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reason i would like to play on your server is mostly because it's a small community server that is protected against "griefers", I am also looking forward to finding a good server I can keep coming back to, time and time again. Hopefully this server would put an end to my search but if not ill just have to keep looking.
  4. IGN: Axlenex I have countless hours of experience and i hope this is a server i can keep coming back too
  5. MC IGN: Axlenex Age 17 Why do you want to join? Im looking for a awesome server, search is coming up dry so far Never banned
  6. 1-MC IGN: Axlenex 2-I have played countless hours of Tekkit classic and it remains my favorite of the modpacks that come from the Technic Launcher 3-I'm new to playing on other server, usually I only play server among my friends and I 4- Looking for a good server that i can have fun with other and build awesome creations without the hassle of "trollers"
  7. Minecraft Username Axlenex What playstyle do you prefer? Building, Faction and exploration. Also I like community areas Tell us about yourself 17 Male, I'm very much familiar with TekkitLite and TekkitClassic and I'm still getting my ground with Tekkitmain but I'm a fast learner and I'm looking for a good server to call home :D
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