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Iridium just to be found in The Nether?


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Ah, you probably saw the Nether Ore for Iridium in NEI or Creative. It's there for compatibility, nothing more.

It doesn't spawn since there's no IC2. But if you do have IC2 installed, I believe it spawns anywhere, but the chance is extremely low.

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Ah, Pulverized Shiny Metal. Can be used to create Shiny Ingots. There's a 10% chance to get that dust when pulverizing Ferrous Ore. Nothing to do with Nether Ores or Iridium, I'm afraid.

They can be used to make Platinum Range upgrades for MineFactory Reloaded. It increases the range of the Harvester, Planter, Sewage Collector and Fertilizer to 18x18 instead of 3x3.

They are also used in making an Energetic Infuser. But that's pretty much it.

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