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How to istall Plugins in Server?

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MCPC+ is a Bukkit and Forge server in one jar, basically. It allows you to run a Bukkit server with Bukkit plugins, as well as mods.

ForgeEssentials adds some new commands for server administration, it was originally intended to try and replace the "Essentials" Bukkit plugin.

BukkitForge is a mod which can load a lot of Bukkit plugins, but not as well as MCPC+.

If you want to use Bukkit plugins, I suggest you download the Tekkit server and MCPC+, and then replace Tekkit.jar with the MCPC+ .jar.

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I followed this guide.


In this passage I did it this way

Remove your TEKKIT.JAR or whatever it is (if you are using pre-prepared modpack).

Move MCPC+ to server directory and rename it to TEKKIT.JAR.

And i have a problem.

I can not log into the server.

It gives me this error.



UPDATE : 14/05/2013 17.26 I get the error.

MCPC+ don't accept special characters.

In my nickname there is - ( Master-Antonio )

Why don't accept?


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