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Voltz 1.0.12 security questions (plasma cannons) and (ID blocking)


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hi guys ive got a voltz server running 1.0.12 with forgebukkit and worldedit and worldguard. im able to protect my spawn point from just about everything, but im having trouble protecting it from the power tool's plasma cannon upgrade. if i use "/region flag spawn other-explosion deny" it seems to do nothing to stop the explosion caused by a plasma cannon. is there something im doing wrong? or should i try a different plugin for this kind of protection?

second question: what would be the best plugin to block a specific mod item ID?

i want to disable rejuvenation explosives.

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Uhm, there is a mod called NoItem, and you can use it to disable holding a certain item using the ID, if you combine it with Regios, because it does real-time permissions modification, you can essentially make it so they cannot hold an item in a region. It was pretty handy for somethings on my server :D

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1. Go into configs, and find the config file that is for mmmPowersuits. Open it for text editing, and under the properties section find "D:"Plasma Cannon.Plasma Explosiveness.Voltage.multiplier"" and set it equal to 0.0, that will nullify it's explosive effect on EVERYTHING.

2. To disable rejuvenation explosives, we do the same thing. Open the config folder, then open the Universal Electricity folder. Find the config file called ICBM and open it for text editing, the second section (the one under crafting) should contain "B:"Disable rejuvenation"" and set it equal to true.

Since you disabled the rejuvenation explosives, it probably wouldn't be nice to allow people to craft it since it would be a waste of resources, so under the crafting section find the values "B:"Allow rejuvenation Crafting"" , "B:"Allow rejuvenation Minecart Crafting"", and "B:"Allow rejuvenation Missile Crafting"". set them all to false.

Follow those steps, and the plasma cannon will not do harm to any blocks, and disabling certain explosives (ie. RedMatter, Ultrasonic, etc.) is a breeze.

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