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Power Tool Plasma Cannon & Recipe Mode


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I'm new to Voltz right now and I'm not really sure how to a) install the plasma cannon and B) activate recipe mode (the side graph with all of the items (blocks, tools, machines etc.) is missing). Any help with this at all would be great.

P.S. I read a coupe of threads about fixing the plasma cannon issue but I"m not really sure how that works.


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No, sorry, I must have not explained it correctly. The tab 'Weapon' or 'Plasma Cannon' does not show up anywhere on the tinker table (this is obviously when I select the power tool). And secondly, is there even a way to use recipe mode on Voltz?

B.T.W. Recipe mode WAS working and the it suddenly just stopped displaying the side bar (I have re-downloaded it).

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