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Best Modular Powersuits Set Up?


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Doing a survey about the best set up for a Powersuit set. Including even the tool. All opinions count and I wont judge... Feel free to share you ideas :P

Please share full detail like name of module and the statistics of them.

This is more just to help people find the best set up where they wont die or can do things like flying xD

And also because I need help .-.

Unlike in Voltz, this version is much different and I keep dying by overheating or I cant keep enough energy. XD Please help! Thanks :)

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The kinetic generator makes ton of heat now. There are ways to dissipate that heat, but it's still a hassle. I think what makes more sense is to have a duplicate of the one item you have your battery in. Keep the duplicate in your energetic infuser and when the one you have runs down just swap it for the one in the infuser.

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