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Does anybody know other cables/pipes that are better than Golden Conductive Pipes?


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Well basically it seems out setup tends to occasionally have a pipe explosion at the part where it stretches out to all the machines. Already tried lowering it to 20 MJ/t from the Redstone Energy Cell it comes from. Yet the golden conductive pipe seems to have exploded again.

Also what piping is this


It's visible off this page, http://thermalexpansion.wikispaces.com/Tesseracts

If anybody could help me out would be very much appreciated thanks :)

Is this power setup fine as well?



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Don't chain your engines like that, possibly why your pipes are busting. Just run each off the pipe.

Also you can lower your furnaces to the top of your pulverizers and have them feed directly into your furnaces (look up the Thermal Expansion options online lots of great things you can do). Then you can also put a chest on top of the furnaces and dump the ingots into the chest. Just a suggestion to make things easier.

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