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  1. you use a redstone PIPE, so the pipe will be emitting a signal when items pass through it. As long as your quarry is operating fast enough you should have a pretty constant signal to provide power.
  2. Well.... to my knowledge there are no adv solar panels in Tekkit and I don't know what mods are included in your modpack so I doubt you'll get much help here. However I'd guess that it's a power compatibility issue. You'll need a power converter mod block to convert your power to Mj's because pipes won't do it on their own. Maybe search your mods/modpacks wiki? Wish you luck.
  3. Honestly it's not really just a problem with Tekkit. Whenever minecraft is updated there is a chance that older versions will not be supported and you will need to make a new map. Remember you can always just not go to the new version if you like things the way they are. That is really the only way to ensure you won't have to start new. Personally I enjoy starting from scratch every so often provided I get a lot of new goodies to play with. But I'm not on your server so my opinion doesn't really matter! :)
  4. I can work on a quick video tutorial if you all think that would be useful. I'm no good at writing those wiki pages (too lazy/distracted to figure out how to code it lol)
  5. lol he doesn't want to "seal" it, he want's to use a bubble. Yes it is possible. You will want to set up your bubble and your force field and then offset the forcefield dome the correct number of blocks so that it coincides with the center of your oxygen bubble. From what I understand about what you are trying to do you should have complete mobility within your house and won't suffocate. That being said it might take quite a lot of power.... but that's part of the fun right? :)
  6. Here's a decent tutorial on thermal expansion.... hope it helps you figure out what's going wrong. But yeah sounds like a power issue. ... skip to 2:30 to jump right to useful info
  7. I really liked factorization in tekkit lite. Makes ore processing more complex, but get to triple your ores! But I'm not sure why it was removed from the new Tekkit, there was probably a reason.
  8. Yay, made a mystcraft world and found uranium! Not much, but every evil empire has a start right? :-D Thanks for the help!
  9. So it should be set as true or false? I've been trying to fix this for a while now and I can't remember if i've changed it.... /facepalm
  10. Cool thanks gonna try now... <crosses fingers>
  11. Kinda odd that an essential part of a mod is disabled by default. I'd love to enable it anyone have details on what I should change? I messed w/ the AS config but I don't want to dig more unless it is gonna actually fix it! lol
  12. Slightly off subject but it relates.... how do you get uranium to spawn? I never find any.... ever.... and i've been digging forEVER!
  13. Definitely going with the FSM reference. Probably with lots of eyes at the end of his spaghetti strands.
  14. By far my favorite mining program.... http://www.computercraft.info/forums2/index.php?/topic/6766-mlg-mining-circular-branch-mining/ Just wish I could take credit for writing it! Turtle makes a branched mining tunnel and the program is fully configurable so it's great in any situation. Does require some simple setup but with pipes you can fully automate the mine. I simply LOVE it (did I already say that)? EDIT: He's also got the simple install directions in that post
  15. personally I always start out w/ efficiency items. So make a cheap grind stone first and use it to process your ores (you'll get 2 ingots for every ore). That will QUICKLY become tiring so move up to a pulverizer and a powered furnace. You'll need to power those so make yourself some engines and slap em on each machine. This will get you set up to go in any direction you want. You can build a powerplant and more advanced machines or start designing your ideal base. Either way you'll have the basic machines to process all you bring home. Best advice I can give you is check out the items in the game and look up in the wiki (or youtube) anything that looks interesting. Don't be lazy when it comes to the mods in this pack. You'll miss most of the fun if you play Tekkit like it's vanilla.
  16. Cool, thanks for the ideas, i'll see what i can do.
  17. So this may sound stupid but are you sure you copied all the correct tekkit stuff over? Last server I set up I was so focused on getting MCPC+ put in the right place I forgot to do that and I had ID mismatches similar to what you described. double check to be sure.
  18. ha ha ha well that was my initial thought too but along that line of thinking you could ask a lot of other questions like: "do we really need another mod?" "do we really need another MC update?" or not related to MC "do we really need another TV show/movie/computer game?" I know lots of people like to watch them and since I play MC anyway perhaps someone might get enjoyment out of it. ...don't worry Dew, i'll find out where you live and set up a giant screen outside your house w/ huge speakers so you'll have to watch too! :-D
  19. Title pretty much sums it up. My friend and I are starting a steam and want to cater to the desires of the community. Have one video up which is pretty much us just screwing around.
  20. Hopefully this isn't too off topic here but... anyone else notice that using an ME system with your farms seem to create a lot of localized lag? It doesn't make the game unplayable but it is noticeable.
  21. I'm just curious as to why you are running the server in offline mode... although the answer is probably obvious. However, I'd second Neowulf's suggestion. No good can come of running the game in offline mode, you enable this kind of behavior and you allow people to play a cracked version of the game.
  22. last I checked you can't change your username. Has this been changed recently? Went to MC homepage and saw no way of doing so. Or did the OP mean his password?
  23. I think we need a sticky for the T. Construct changes. This question is getting old! lol
  24. and if you don't like to read: Vid I threw together last week.
  25. Yes to #1 I've heard he wants to document the mod in game, hence the books so people won't need a wiki. They just lack a certain amount of detail... but I maybe he wants people to figure it out for themselves?
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