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Applied Energistics-Automatically export a new empty blank pattern into the pattern encoder?

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i already have a recipe in the system for the blank pattern, what i am trying to do is when there's no blank pattern to be written present in the encoder i want it to automatically export the new blank pattern into the encoder, is there any way of doing this? Ive tried with the ME interface and export buses configured to activate once per redstone pulse, am i doing it wrong?

edit: i already have some pre-made empty patterns ready in my network

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It probably wont work because the pattern encoder doesn't actually push anything out of its output once you encode a new pattern. It just sits there in its inventory waiting for you to pull it out. The only thing I can think of is using a retriever/retrievulator with a tube system to automatically push a blank pattern into the pattern encoder when the amount in its inventory falls below 1. Not positive if that would work but it SHOULD...I think...

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I think I know why I cant get it to work. like the standard crafting table, the encoder doesnt actually have an inventory. tthanks for the answer though :-)

doesn't push anything out of its output
neither does anything else. thats why the export bus uses a piston in the recipe to push it in. and the import bus uses a sticky piston in the recipe to pull it out
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