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[Big Dig 1.3.12]Death Beyond the Grave[PvP][100 Slots][24/7][Open]

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Server Adress: Minecraft.DeathBeyondtheGrave.Net

- No Whitelist

- 100 Slots

- 24/7 Uptime (minor outages do occur)

- Open PVP / Open Raiding (Its up to you to secure your plots and protect your treasures!)

Server rules:

- No Griefing

- No Spamming

- No Begging for Ranks

- No Explosives

- No Cheating

- No Harassment

Removed mods:

- Mystcraft

- Dimensional doors

- Computer Craft + CC Addons

- Dungeon Pack

Banned items:

- 10:*:Lava Source:Grief Exploit.

- 11:*:Lava Still:Grief Exploit.

- 1001:0:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 46:*:TNT:No Explosives.

- 1082:0:Nuke:No Explosives.

- 1073:0:Industrial TNT:No Explosives.

- 1254:0:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 12728:*:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 12729:*:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 1255:10:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 1254:2:Anchors:Server Crashes.

- 11316:*:Camo Upgrade:Server Crashes.

- 11307:*:MFFS Inf Card:Admin Only.

- 1285:4:Duplicator:Admin Only.

- 1285:8:Duplicator:Admin Only.

- 1193:0:Dynamite:No Explosives.

- 1194:0:Sticky Dynamite:No Explosives.

About us

- We are a small community driven server looking to add more players. We as the staff are a hard working dedicated bunch who will help when needed. None of us online? Try using our forums to ask for some help! Our website can be found at

- Players we look for are friendly goal oriented players who strive to improve themselves as well as enjoy playing a game. People who join and simply cause havoc will be banned from all DBTG services.

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