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Attempt at a youtube video


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I plan to make some more informative video's but this was just a test. Might learn something or just get a laugh out of it. But i would like to take some requests and hopefully make some videos that will explain some of the Tekkit mod's to people.

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ok i watched it and i got one thing to say wtf are you doing making a tekkit video with your gf when there are sooooooooooooooooooooooo many better things to do with them most of which i cant not or should not mention here

aside from that not bad not very informative but not bad

if your planning on making more i would suggest starting with ic2 and red power conversion to te and ae seems to be lots of confusion and questions around that also if you got a server and want a hand pm me

and dont forget to "show em the cheese baby" lol

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I appreciate the feedback. Me and my girlfriend had a lot of fun making that video and i wasn't going to post it on youtube but i thought it was kind of funny. I would like to focus more on actually helping explain the mod's but i am a little intimidated making a tutorial. I am going to attempt it tonight and i think i am going to start with a tutorial on making a large magmatic engine setup. I need one for my space station. My server is 100% legit survival and i will pm you the details if you would like to help out.

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