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[1.1.3] iKanCraft [PvP/Grief/Raid] [25] [No Mods Removed!]


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| Voltz | 1.1.3 | iKan-Craft.com | 1.1.3 | Voltz |

Server IP: voltz.ikan-craft.com:25601



iKanCraft is a 1.1.3 Voltz Minecraft Server which has been around for a couple of months, but have recently restarted due to a large amount of maintenance being done. We are looking for and hope to find many new members! The map is still brand new and fresh so it's the best time to join and team up with others. We have factions but someones it's not best to use them due to it showing where you base is located when someone comes close to it. We have many friendly staff members who are willing to help you along the way and also have a help station at the spawn if you are new and never played Voltz before! Before you know it you will be having a blast (literally) while building up your base and taking others down.


We have very basic rules on the server but if you decide not to follow them you will

receive a warning and could even earn yourself a Permanent Ban!

ZA007645840.gif Do Not Grief The Spawn!

ZA007645840.gif Be Respectful To Everyone!

ZA007645840.gif Do Not Dupe!

ZA007645840.gif Do Not Advertise!

ZA007645840.gif Do Not Ask For Spawned Items!

ZA007645840.gif Watch Your Language and Caps!


Some of our basic features will include the following. Since we are still a new server,

you may suggest some new feature to the server that you would like to see!

ZA007645840.gif Grief / PvP / Raid

ZA007645840.gif Factions

ZA007645840.gif Multiverse

ZA007645840.gif World Border - 10,000 Block Radius

ZA007645840.gif 25 Player Slots (Expanding)

ZA007645840.gif Donor Ranks

ZA007645840.gif Friendly Staff and Community

ZA007645840.gif 99% Uptime and No Lag

ZA007645840.gif Fully Functional and Active Website


ZA007645840.gif World Anchor - Banned to stop lag from too many chunks being left loaded.

ZA007645840.gif Personal Anchor - Banned to stop lag from too many chunks being left loaded.

ZA007645840.gif Quantum Battery Box - Banned to stop chunks from becoming corrupt.

ZA007645840.gif Steve's Stopwatch - Banned because of player abuse of time changing.

ZA007645840.gif Armbots - Banned due to dupe.

ZA007645840.gif Weather Orb - Banned because of player abuse of weather changing.

ZA007645840.gif Advanced Solar Generators - Banned due to them being duped when placed.

ZA007645840.gif Trackers - Banned due to players being raided too easily.

ZA007645840.gif Red Matter Explosives - (Uncraftable) Banned because of wormholes and lag.




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