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I'm working with pipes in Tekkit Lite; I have a sorting facility and a recycling center; yet I keep getting these mysterious explosions; they don't damage anything but they're noisy, annoying and damaging if I step too close. I've looked for information in the documentation, but haven't found anything.

Any insight?


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Is it a machine or something that keeps exploding? looks like its in the cobble to me :/

If it is a machine, break the power to it. For me machines have bugged out sometimes and starting to continuously explode without breaking or breaking anything around it. Have been fixed with taking away the power from the machine and reconnect it.

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I think it was the pipes being over capacity. I realized I had accidentally set those two tesseracts into a loop, so the pipes had way too many items in them.

Once I got my pipes more under control, the explosions stopped. But I couldn't find any documentation about overloading a pipe causing explosions.

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