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  1. Got a problem now when i relogged. Get the error message "Failed to verify username, session authentication server unavailable!". No problem with my Mojang account and I can log in to other servers. Any ideas?
  2. Age: 31 IGN: RobertSydbrink Why Do you want to Play on this Server? Looking for a stable server with a nice community where I can start my Tekkit adventure (: What Do you want to Build? I'm not really sure yet. I have played a lot of Tekkit Lite and want to try something new.
  3. Too much problems with the server lately and ive got bored with Tekkit Lite so ive moved on. Playing Hexxit instead. Probably going to log on sometime and see what im going to do with my town.
  4. Similar thing happened to me. For me it was a single Quartz Dust that was blocking my compressor for being used. So check if any machine have something in them thats blocking a recipe to be made
  5. Ive tried on different connections/isp, different computers and one with a fresh install of windows and minecraft today. So it shouldnt be client side atleast. EDIT: And i didnt reinstallet because of this =) it just happend to be that i put a ssd in my laptop today.
  6. When i connect i get disconnected right away in a couple of sec and get the message Connection Lost, End of stream. Only me who have problem getting in?
  7. A couple of admins in maby some other timezones would be great =)
  8. Server lag, lag, lag more lag.... broke... I wonder whats causing it, someone have a broken setup maby... Tossed in a donation of 50 bucks... maby helps Gen to fix the lag that comes from time to time (: