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[0.6.5]Outbreak Z: Custom Zombie Apocalypse Server [Towny][PvP][Griefing]

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PvP - Greif - Raid - Zombie Survival - Unique Tekkit Lite Gameplay

Recently Launched! (5-23-13)

Server Details:

IP - outbreak.ohgaming.org

Version - Recommended 0.6.5

Spawn: It's the last remaining safe haven in the world!


About Outbreak Z:

Outbreak Z is a zombie apocalypse survival server. When you first log in you’ll start off in a small cabin where someone who found you dropped you off. At least they were nice enough to leave you some basic supplies such as armor, tools, food, and a weapon to defend yourself. The world is infested with zombies… they are everywhere!

It’s difficult to survive and some items that use to be easy to find are now not so much. You’ll come to find out small things like meat, gunpowder, string, nether wart, and more have become scarce. Although you can still find them in the remaining towns and gas stations around the world if you manage to find one.

The research center still stays open til this day buying rotten flesh and uranium to help find a cure for this disease. It’s not the only source of income we have left. If your lucky enough to save up for a town your lucky not many have survived long enough to afford one.

With all the rot & decay along with the violence many items have also become unavailable. The infected have destroyed much of the supplies. All I can say is good luck to you and I hope you last longer than the others did.

Zombies Everywhere!


Gas Stations & the ruined cities


Gas stations & ruined cities:

Several gas stations and ruined cities are around the world. You'll have to search out and find them. They contain materials you'll need to advance in this hectic world. They are key to your survival and will help you thrive!

Banned Items:

A list of banned items can be

found here! We've banned these items for two main reasons. Duping issues and to better fit the theme of the server.

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It's nice to see a server where mobs are interesting for once. Pretty good, even exciting, experience so far what with all the hordes milling about the world — there's a small, but bearable, amount of lag, mostly surrounding treecapitator actions.

Thanks! OhGaming itself is growing as a community. We also have a Voltz server.

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