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I just need help learning the basics (and maybe some advanced) of coding, since I just recently started to want to make CC scripts and other scripts. This thread is also generally going to be for other forum members who need help too. Thanks in advance :).

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If you want to learn Lua, there are tons of great tutorials on ComputerCraft's forum at http://computercraft.info/forums2.

There are also video tutorials on YouTube. Here's the first episode of Sethbling's Lua tutorial series:

I don't know what other languages you want to learn, but again, there are massive amounts of resources online. Just look for them, and you'll find them.

Another great website (or so I hear) is http://codeacademy.com. They have a large variety of online courses for several different languages.

If you're looking for general resources for logic and methodology, there's stuff for that, too. I recommend Programming Methodology by Mehran Sahami, available on iTunes. It's a Stanford course, and it's free. (You don't really need it if you're not going for a PhD, though.)

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