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Win Family Survival - Voltz Armageddon - 24/7

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Recommended: 1.0.11

Welcome to our brand new server Win Family Voltz

We have devised this server map to be possibly the most challenging map you will find for Minecraft Voltz, the world map is a vast expanse of decayed cities and mountains called “The Waste” survival in this region will be a challenge, can you survive? its time to find out.

The story so far…….

The world as we knew it was slowly being destroyed by warring factions, each blindly fighting for supremacy, hoping one day to win the war. The year is 2513.


The five ancient factions, MageCraft Stormrage, Legion of the Sacred Forge, Crusaders of the Redstone Guardians, Frostwolf Twilight Vanguard & Alpha Nova fought for years, Faction verses Faction, Family against Family, Human killing Human, the planets cities and towns wrecked, lay waste, desert stretching far out across the land, rivers and oceans evaporated by nuclear blasts, when and how will it end?

One fateful day, a scientific team from one of the factions was exploring uncharted mountain ranges, in the on going searches for raw materials, the materials needed to build more weapons.

The team searching for the ore’s found it, It was always considered a myth, a legend but no they had stumbled across the Sanctum Ark, the fabled home of the ancients, said to have fallen from the skies millennia ago, it is said that they are our true ancestors, before the scientific team, towering above the landscape stood the huge cube like structure that contained the Sanctum Arc, constructed from impenetrable alien materials, this could be the answer to the Factions survival.


The faction had found two huge doors in the structure, and teams of explorers were sent to investigate the belly of the huge cube, deep inside the cavernous interior the teams soon discovered the home of the ancients, an entire underground city, abandoned by its original occupants, but still with fresh running water, vegetation growing, some animal life, food and safety.

It was soon agreed within the faction that they would evacuate the land and enter the Citadel Arc, seal the doors, and hopefully survive the war that raged on outside, it was planned to remain in the Arc until it was safe to return to the surface

Many years passed, the factions people living underground within the Citadel Arc, safe and with food & water, many considered themselves lucky to be alive, to have escaped the hell on earth outside, but others began to slowly feel restless, they started to desire the touch of the sun on their skins, to feel a breeze in the air, they wanted to go home, others within the group felt they should stay, safe in the Sanctum Arc. fractures began to appear in society, groups of people congregated in Guilds, each with a different opinion on the future of their lives within the Sanctum Arc.


It is at this point it started again, mankind had made mistakes in the past, mistakes that had cost them dearly, and despite being given a second chance within the Sanctum Arc, they had failed to learn from these lessons.

Factions Formed once again, unrest among the arc occupants began to seep from the shadows into the light, there was talk of groups attempting to escape the Arc, to head out into the barren lands again, to reclaim their lost lands, civil unrest and inter-faction fighting started, low level at first but quickly things became worse, one of the stronger factions managed burst out of the safety of the Sanctum Arc, rushing out into the world, in the hope to recover the world they once new, regain the lands they had lost, obtain the power to rule once again.

The world outside of the Sanctum Arc they found though was a strange land, new insects had mutated into giant killing spiders, the people left on the surface had mutated and survived to walk the land as the living dead – Zombies.

strange creatures had formed, human DNA splicing with explosive materials left around after the war, hissing, explosive creatures intent on destroying anyone who comes too close. and then skeletons of those left behind, alive and walking the desolate landscape, as ghostly skeletal warriors.

But out into the world they go, Claiming any uncontaminated areas they can, growing faction numbers, and this is where you find yourself, stood in the centre of the Sanctum Arc, readying to move into the new world outside, trying to survive, and hopefully choosing the right faction to join, but know this traveler, the land outside is indeed barren, all valuable ore has been mined completely from the ground, it can only be found now within hidden bunkers in the ground, or purchased from some of the shops found within the Citadel Arc, so ready yourself, be prepared to survive the hostile world outside…..

You are now in the world of Win Family VOLTZ.

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