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TitanCraft - Newly Sparked Server - FRESH MAP - Few Banned Items!


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--=[The Sky is the Limit!]=-- TITANCRAFT --=[The Sky is the Limit!]=--

TitanCraft. Where the sky is the only Limit. Brand new server with a fresh map; with very limited banned items. A standard Voltz server with factions for all out war and mayhem. Battle it out to become the strongest faction, nuke your enemies or hinder their productivity with grenades. With Donation Ranks to enhance your abilities if you so choose, who will prevail? Vote daily for server rewards, to help your faction develop.

TitanCraft Boasts:

  • No Lag
  • Few Banned Items!
  • Fresh Map
  • Donator Ranks
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Factions - PVP - Greifing - Raiding
  • 15+ Plugins to enhance your experience!
  • Forums

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