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  1. IGN: Crane98 Skype name: ammonius.the.great Age: 15 Why you want to join the server: I'm just looking for a good community, unlike those large servers that don't really care about the individual player. What mods you think you'll focus on: Witchery, Sync, Carpentry, ProjectRed:Transportation and qCraft.
  2. Team Name: DeathAlliance Name: Crane98 If more than one member, Names: None. (Yet) Why should you join?: I enjoy watching other Players BURN beneath my feet. And this seems like a good place to do it. Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: Yes.
  3. Launcher Version: 7.0.1 Operating System: Intel core 2 Duo, computer name is HP Touchsmart Java Version: 7 Antivirus Program: SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition Description of Problem: So, he tries to open it with the THing you get from the EXE, but nothing opens, no crash reports, Nothing. It just doesnt work. his computer has Windows Vista, and its quite fast. He Has Java, and everything, so, Yeah. Error Messages: Error Log: EDIT: I was just screensharing with my friend, and he has a window that says checking version when he tries to open the technic launcher. But that window closes instantly. Any help?

  5. IGN: Crane98 Age: 13 Suggestion for the server: Perhaps add a starter kit including basic machines, tools, and a Condenser. Such as, a macerator, generator, batbox, and Electric furnace.
  6. InGameName: Crane98 About me: I love playing tekkit, but I have a problem with getting greifed on EVERY SERVER. its quite annoying. I hope that this server will be a good server and I will not get greifed. Here are some random facts if you need them. 1: My favorite food is Lemons. 2: I like running around like an idiot in minecraft. 3: I hate the sound of someone rubbing styrafome together. Location: Minnesota, USA (Central time zone) Why Tekkitia?: Becaues it looks like a nice, friendly server where ill have lots of fun. Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? Yes. But dont worry, I wont cause any trouble.
  7. IGN: Crane98 Reason for wanting to become a member: All Mods. Why should we accept you: Because I love building and Creating Giant machines using Tekkit and Im really friendly.
  8. looking at Tekkit servers, Hoping to find one where I can just, build. No resource gathering, no Long nights smelting Things, just building.

  9. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] Nvm, I got it, I was using Recommended, not development.
  10. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] I can't. The button where it says the version is dull, like when you cant click it, and I cant choose anything. Does it have to do with me being on a Mac?
  11. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit [3.0.3] [Website] [24/7] [Towny] [Jobs] [LWC] I cant get on. Each time it says, there are 10 people on, but when I try, it says :End Of Stream. Do I need to update? I thought 3.0.3 was just a server update?
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