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Spawn Killing


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i would think the best way to deal with that would be a worldguard type plugin and a huge area set for spawn protection and then make it non pvp in the area if that doesnt work i would also suggest going with a grey list and making spawn killing against the rules and banning offenders starting with a temp ban and moving up to a perm ban

basically running a server is work its fun but its also work to keep ppl like that in check makes no difference if its tekkit or not ppl are ppl and will do stupid stuff dealt with appropriately you will eventually build a player base that respects you your server and other players dont expect it to happen over night

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Graylist imo are usless. Just more work. Im not worried about playerbase i have run a normal mc server for a year and 2 months and a tekkit for 9 months. Either way there are always those bad players. I would use tekkitrestrict but that plugin causes dupes with new tekkit.

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